Dana Vachon CPDT-KA

Dana Vachon grew up with dogs, particularly Bouvier des Flanders. After graduating college at TCNJ, she worked for several years in website design and development, always wishing to move into the world of animal behavior. In 2010, Dana realized her dream when she took a position with Companion Pet Hospital and began working as Philly Unleashed’s resident puppy expert. In these roles, Dana has the opportunity to work hands on with many different dogs on a daily basis, and really enjoys helping pet owners form stronger bonds with their furry companions.

In 2012, Dana earned her CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed). Dana is currently the office manager for Philly Unleashed in Philadelphia and has a full time roster of training clients. She specializes in puppy social development, fears and phobias, and separation anxiety.

Dana lives in Philadelphia with her partnerMario, two cats Jasper and Olive, and a rescued Pit Bull named Fawkes.