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We understand that dog trainers are not necessarily designers. And we’re here to help!

Our brochures, infographics, and flyers are to be used to market your business, help clients work through their problems, and spread the news about dog training in the real world.

With the help of our marketing materials, you can deliver easy to digest and accurate information to your clients, all wrapped up in a clean and professional-looking package. That way you can spend more time doing what you love. . . being a brilliant dog trainer! And less time doing tedious design work that doesn’t look all that hot anyway.

Our designs are compatible with many of the large printing presses including Vistaprint,,, and so that you can have these materials professionally printed to add to your client packets.

Don’t want to wait? These documents can be emailed or printed on your home computer so you can take them to lessons or email them directly to clients!

We do the work for you, so you can worry more about whether your clients are practicing with their pups and less about design work. It’s like having your own design firm working for you!

Finding accurate information on positive reinforcement dog training can be difficult! Rest assured, we strive to provide information that is not only awesome to read, but is fundamentally structured on the science of positive reinforcement dog training and based on the Humane Hierarchy as put forth by the CCPDT. And since all of our information is human and dog friendly, you’ll never have to worry about stressing out your clients or their dogs with methods that are harsh or aversive.

So go ahead, sniff around (link to use our stuff)! If you see something that you like, download it, share it, and use it! Find that we are missing something? Hit us up on email and let us know what content you would like to see and we’ll try to make it happen.

Want something a little more personalized? We can help. Check out this page and let us Trick Out a design especially for you! (link to trick it out)

You’re welcome!

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